Protect your investment with a store survey



If you are thinking about remodeling your store or refrigeration system, CoolSys recommends a pre-remodel survey to make sure you know exactly what your starting point is and the true cost of your needs. After years of changes, re-sets, and equipment replacements it can be difficult to get an accurate picture of what needs to be changed as part of your remodel.

Our technical experts can provide a pre-remodel store survey so that you know exactly what you have and what needs to be replaced prior to designing your remodel project.

A CoolSys Survey includes:

  • A complete list of current refrigeration equipment
  • A “working condition” assessment on all current equipment and major components
  • Recommendations on equipment or component change-outs or upgrades during the remodel to ensure maximum system performance and energy efficiency after the remodel


Store remodels including refrigeration and HVAC systems are major commitments that involve significant investment. After your remodel or installation is complete, CoolSys recommends you have all new systems commissioned to ensure they were properly installed and are operating effectively and efficiently from the start. The cost of commissioning is a small price to pay to avoid unnecessary problems.