Offering a wide variety of new and used equipment


CoolSys is an authorized Hill-Phoenix dealer and also has a wide variety of used equipment at bargain prices. Contact us to learn more about the equipment well and how we can provide a solution the fits your design and budget.

Pre-Owned Refrigeration Equipment

Utilizing fully functional, pre-owned refrigeration equipment for your remodeled or new store can be a financially sound decision. Why not take advantage of pre-owned equipment that still operates at peak performance to help shorten your return on investment? Only you will know it is not brand new!

CoolSys has a variety of used refrigeration equipment and supermarket cases to fit your needs. This is just a sampling of some of our inventory. If you are interested in a quote or would like to visit our warehouse to see our complete inventory of pre-owned refrigeration equipment, please call 1-800-460-4355.