Goya Foods

Approximate Value $1.3 Million – Design & Build Refrigerated Warehouse –

Designed and installed a 17,000 sq. ft. refrigerated warehouse consisting of an underfloor ventilation system, 6″ black iron suction line piping, Hansen valves, Krack unit coolers, and 28’ tall Galvamet panels with Jamison doors. The high side system has screw compressors with evaporative condensers and hot gas defrost. The system is protected with an infrared leak detection system and is controlled and monitored with a CPC computerized system designed and installed by Service Refrigeration Company.

Baker Petrolite

Approximate Value $225,000 – Design & Build Equipment and Piping Retrofit for Houston Area Plant – The customer requested a custom refrigeration package to be placed in a highly corrosive environment. All the piping and control valves had to be replaced. Service Refrigeration Company could not use torches or welders in the vessel area. We had seven days to demo the piping, valves, and existing refrigeration skid and construct and install the new skid along with pressure testing, evacuation and start-up of the new unit.

We designed and built a galvanized refrigeration skid complete with copper finned condensers. We utilized a Bitzer reciprocating compressor and designed a suction vessel with boil out coil and high-level control. We additionally designed and built the control panels. Due to the tight schedule, all the piping was built in our shop with flanges and then transported to the job site and bolted together. The system was online in 6 days.

Amigo’s Meat Distribution

Phase 2, Approximate Value $2.1 Million – Design & Build 13,000 sq. ft. Freezer/Cooler Expansion –  Designed and installed a 13,000 sq. ft. Freezer/Cooler expansion for a meat distribution warehouse. Our installation included underfloor heated slab and 6-inch concrete finish slab. Service refrigeration acted as the General Contractor of the project. Our responsibilities included fire suppression, electrical, concrete, plumbing, warehouse pallet racking, and CPC controls.

Whole Foods Markets

Approximate Value $700,000 – Plan & Spec – Service Refrigeration installed a complete refrigeration system utilizing (4) 200 HP screw rack systems and complete CPC computer system for the company’s headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Exxon Research Facility

Approximate Value $50,000 –  Design & Build – The Exxon Research Facility’s testing chamber would not hold temperature and experienced multiple compressor failures. Service Refrigeration corrected refrigeration piping, added a suction accumulator vessel with high level switches to protect the compressor from liquid slugging, and rebuilt the Royce 8-cylinder open drive compressor.