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Safety First

Service Refrigeration Company has maintained a stellar safety record since its founding in 1986. From day one, the company has aggressively promoted the idea of “Safety First”. While servicing customers in an efficient and effective manner is always a high priority, "Safety First" remains the core by which the company continues to grow and thrive.

The financial loss of a poor safety program is evident in dollars paid out for Worker’s Compensation, Automobile and General Liability claims, but the more difficult items to quantify are the intangible injuries brought on by an unsafe working force and an unsafe working culture.

That is why each employee, starting from the President all to the most recently hired helper, is indoctrinated into the concept of "Safety First". Using safety as a backdrop for everything the company does has allowed Service Refrigeration to thrive both financially as well as in the safety arena. Also, the company has been an active member of the Houston Area Safety Council (H.A.C.S.C.) since 1997 and the Industrial Safety Training Council (ISTC) since 2005. The company maintained an OSHA incident rate of 2.26 for the year ended December 31, 2012. The company continues to strive to maintain an efficient and safe work force.


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Design and Installation
Design and Installation Design and Installation